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Make your bathroom impressive and new

For years now, homeowners and interior designers have been investing high in bathroom renovation to have the best interior for it. Bathrooms have their own ambiance. They are meant to be calm and comfortable.

If you are looking to get off from your old traditional and so-outdated bathroom, following are the five best replacements that will transform your old bathroom into a perfect new making it impressive to every guest.

1.    Update your tiles

Tiles are the focal point of every bathroom. They are the very first sight to see as soon as you enter a bathroom.

If your old bathroom had lighter color tiles, try updating them with a brighter color this time or vice versa to change the entire atmosphere. Marble veiny and wooden finish bathroom tiles are trending these days. One can also tile bathroom walls to prevent ruining them from water splash. Tiled walls tell a different tale of perfection in bathroom interior.

However, one must consider six factors before updating bathroom tiles because they build up the atmosphere.

  • Where will you tile: Floor, walls, wall and floors, feature areas?
  • How many types of tiles do you want in your bathroom: only one type of tiles, two different types of tiles, and a 3-tile combo?
  • What type of style are you looking to transform your bathroom into: a feature, contemporary, glamorous, etc.?
  • What tile material you like: Marble, wood effect, stone, glass, splash back, porcelain, ceramic, concrete?
  • What finishes & designs do you want: large, vivid, small, gloss, matt, pastel, mosaic, colors, neutrals, multicolored, single color, patterned, shapes?

2.    Update your showering area

Right after the tiles, shower areas are the real attention grabbers in any bathroom. One has three options for a showering area: bathtubs, a glass built shower room, and an open shower area.

One can opt as according to their preferences. The best thing you can do is to bring something new. Like if, your old bathroom had a bathtub, try replacing it with a glassed shower room. It will change the whole look.

3.    Toilet

Next, we have a toilet of course. Try replacing your older big toilet with a new sleeker design. Plus, one can also get a toilet in combination with the tile’s color; otherwise, white is an all-time perfect.

4.    Sinks and vanities

The traditional wooden bathroom vanities with built-in larger cupboards under where the sink is fixed are back in fashion.

Try giving some space to these new trending vanities. One can get it in any color; make sure it matches your tiles.

5.    The icing on the cake: accessories

Last but not the least; nothing is perfect until it is decorated. 

Decorate your bathroom with new accessories in combination with its new color and style.

  • Try replacing shower curtains.
  • Try putting same color towels as your tiles.
  • Try replacing the hanging towel handle with wooden shelves.
  • Try giving your bathroom a beach feel with some stones around the shower area.
  • Get new faucets or update the older ones with a spray paint.
  • Try putting a small potted plant to give your bathroom a tropical feel.
  • Try getting a new mat.
  • Update lightening
  • Replace your old mirror.
  • You can also hang a frame in your featured bathroom, etc.

Try having above replacements in your bathroom to give it an entirely new and impressive look.

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