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The Top 5 Chicago Home Improvement Trends to Update Your Home

Chicago homeowners are looking for that extra spark in their home and kitchen remodeling. Maybe they want a change or something to freshen up the space without having to go through a top to bottom renovation. We’ve examined five fixes that will get your home looking new and stylistically relevant without a huge dip in money or time.

Remodeling a home involves going for the new and different. Ask yourself what you’re looking for. Perhaps something budget-friendly or you want to upgrade your home’s look. Whether you’re changing your home’s style or just improving it, we’ve gathered trends that evoke themes of cleanliness, convenience, and comfort. Throw in a pinch of luxury and you’ve got a Chicago home that soars beyond your standards of living.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities can be difficult to find. Consider what’s best for you, your home, and your wallet. Looking at different materials can help determine which is best for you and your hygiene routines. Particleboard may save you money but will sag with overuse and is easily damaged by water. MDF is stronger, smoother, and easier to paint, but requires high maintenance and can swell over time. Another option is plywood. High-quality plywood is attractive and lasts for a long time. Solid wood is more durable than plywood but actually can cause cracks in the painted finish due to expansion with water and humidity.

Black Cabinets

White kitchens have their benefits: they’re clean, bright, and airy. But adding a darker accent can highlight the white in a stronger way. Consider black cabinets. It’s a more elegant look, adding some glamour to your pure white paint. Black accents cause dramatic shifts in perspective and dynamics in any kitchen.

Factory Direct

Cut out the middleman. When planning a renovation or small update, you can save on costs by skipping the storefronts and going directly to the manufacturers, like us at HAUSRACK. Getting materials directly from the source ensures quality and helps your bottom line.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles really liven up a room and set the tone, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and other water-prone areas. Wood and stone-look tiles are both great, affordable options that maintain class and elegance. Try encaustic-look tile for a more international flavor. This tile is detailed, unique, and speaks to a more refined sense of culture and taste.

In Stock

This may be the most important part of any trend you try! Whether you are renovating your floors or updating your kitchen, the best ideas don’t matter if you can’t get the materials you need! Be sure when you are planning your home improvement projects that you select from a manufacturer or store that has everything you need in stock so you don’t have to wait to tackle your new projects. HAUSRACK always keeps our products in stock!

In Conclusion

Finding the right renovations for your Chicago home can be easy and fun. Whether it’s changing your floor tile or upgrading your office space, a little goes a long way. Come visit us!

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